Chad Hartman, City Marshal


Mission Statement
The Mission of the Versailles Police Department is to interact with all the citizens of Versailles to improve the quality of life in our community. With an emphasis on controlling and preventing crime, we will accomplish our mission by promoting a safe and secure environment through effective and responsive delivery of police services throughout our community.

The Values of the Versailles Police Department

We believe in the democratic principles of government, therefore, as police officers, we derive our powers from the people we serve.

We subscribe to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics and the Police Code of Conduct.

We are committed to protecting the constitutional rights of all individuals.

We are committed to the concepts of Community Oriented Policing and believe in open communications and partnerships in our community.

We value input and feedback from every member of the Department to better fulfill our mission.

We view the people of our community as our clients who deserve our concern, care, and attention.

We are committed to efficient resource management and superior service delivery.

We support an organizational climate of mutual trust and respect for one another.

We encourage the pursuit of higher education by our employees.

We are committed to contributing to the advancement of the police profession.

Chad Hartman, City Marshal